I don't know about you but I am sick and tired of hearing politicians talking about what their chances are to win their position. Democrats continually use propaganda and smokescreens to sway public opinion toward rebellion of traditional values and sling so much mud at the opponents that a whole new political mountain range has formed. Republicans just sit back apparently scheming and planning new ways they can win back congress and take a seat in the White House once again. Hey politicians; this is not about YOU WINNING a position....this is about serving our country and the will of the people.
     Our political landscape has become akin to a football game. Two teams opposing one another in competition for the same prize. I am tired of all of it. I want a true leader to stand up and take the reigns. Not for the money or the fame. Not for himself.
     What happened to great leaders of the past that would stand up for what is right regardless of the consequence to themselves? People like Abraham Lincoln who stood up for the freedom of all men because it was the right thing to do, not because it was the popular thing to do. What about George Washington who knew what it meant to fulfill the will of God and the people of this country rather than his own schemes and desires? Closer to our time was Ronald Reagan who worked tirelessly to bring our country back together and proved that when two opposing views work together there is nothing they cannot accomplish.
     These were men of integrity that could be trusted to keep their political promises. This is a message to all politicians in the United States from me: if you are not interested in the American people and do not intend to be a servant to their will and needs then GET OUT of politics and pick up trash or something. WE DON'T NEED YOU TO REPRESENT US. We need honest men who stand up for what is right and are willing to sacrifice like our soldiers have done through the decades on foreign soil. These people know what sacrifice means. These are the TRUE leaders. People who lay down their lives that others may be free.
     Here is an idea; stop paying these people like kings and make it illegal for them to receive personal gain for their service. Pay them based on the average salary of the entire country, make them pay for their own expenses like the rest of us have to do. Make these political positions be about serving the country for the Right reason.
     Lord Jesus I pray that you will raise up a leader for our country that is not ashamed to stand up for what is right and who has a true heart of a servant for the people of this once Great nation. A nation that once exalted your name to the world and unashamedly proclaimed the truth that all men are created equal and endowed with certain rights by their creator not by their president.


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