The Tabernacle

            1.  The most Holy Place is where the Holy Spirit, God dwells.
            2. The Veil represents the Flesh of Jesus, the Son of God.
            3. The Holy Place is our inner man or spirit where we must worship God.
            4. The Veil that surrounds the Holy Place represents OUR BODY.
The Bible declares in hundreds of places that the Lord Our God is ONE LORD. It NEVER describes Him as THREE PERSONS. The Tabernacle that God instructed Moses to build represents this ONE LORD. (EXODUS 25:8) God instructed Moses to build this tabernacle EXACTLY as He directed and that He would dwell in this tabernacle and be with His people and be their God. (EXODUS 29:45-46) The Bible tells us that the tabernacle was a pattern of things which are in heaven. (HEBREWS 9:24) It was a shadow of things to come, which is the TRUE TABERNACLE which the Lord pitched and not man. (HEBREWS 8:2) The TRUE TABERNACLE is the body of Jesus. (JOHN 2:19)
The SPIRIT OF GOD dwelled in the Most Holy Place of the tabernacle where the ark of the covenant was and the MERCY SEAT. Notice that there is only ONE SPIRIT of GOD dwelling there.

Nowhere does God tell Moses that there are MORE THAN ONE PERSONS dwelling in the tabernacle. He never refers to Himself in the plural when describing the tabernacle.
The priests went into the first tabernacle to perform service for the people on a regular basis (HEBREWS 9:6). This tabernacle was a WORLDLY sanctuary and represents man's worship to God in the flesh. The High Priest went into the second tabernacle by himself ONCE a year to offer the blood of the sacrifices for himself and all of the people but these sacrifices could NEVER give them a pure conscience. (HEBREWS 9:7, HEBREWS 10:1-2) This tabernacle is the one that represents the SPIRITUAL SANCTUARY where God meets with man on a ONE TO ONE basis. This is clear because only ONE, the High Priest, entered this tabernacle only ONCE a year which represents a person asking God into their heart by accepting His sacrifice of Jesus ONCE for all sins. Jesus BECAME this High Priest for us FOREVER.
God commanded Moses to build this temple but God Himself built His OWN dwelling place in these last days which is Jesus, the Son of God. He is the tabernacle built WITHOUT human hands by God Himself. (JOHN 2:19, MATTHEW 1:23, REVELATION 21:3, HEBREWS 9:11) The tabernacle of Moses was a representation of what God was going to make in the last days.
The purpose of the sacrifices was to make a person's conscience clear. The Altar of Incense represents the prayers of a person. (REVELATION 8:3-4) The candlestick represents the Light of God that came into the world. Jesus is the TRUE LIGHT that illuminates our soul to God. (JOHN 1:9) The outer court represents man's effort to make himself acceptable to God but notice that it is the OUTER court. Everyone who tries to justify himself must stay in the OUTER COURT apart from God.
The VEIL of the INNER sanctuary represents the FLESH BODY OF JESUS which surrounds the Spirit of God who sits on the MERCY SEAT. (HEBREWS 10:20) It was this TRUE TABERNACLE that God made for Himself to dwell in through the body of a virgin named Mary. Here we can see a CLEAR description of the nature of God: The Flesh Body of Jesus (the veil) and the Spirit of God, The Holy Spirit, the Everlasting Father dwelling inside. (JOHN 14:10, ISAIAH 9:6) This is how Jesus could claim that He and His Father are ONE. (JOHN 10:20) The body of Jesus is the TRUE TABERNACLE where all of the fullness of God dwells forever. (COLOSSIANS 2:9)
Clearly we can see through the symbolism of the MAN MADE tabernacle that God is INDEED ONE LORD dwelling in the tabernacle NOT MADE by MAN, JESUS CHRIST.


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