There was a small boy who had broken his Dad's window. He was afraid that his Dad would be angry and punish him.  Little did he know that his father had already fixed the window and just wanted his son to not be ashamed. He wanted him to run to his lap so he could love on his son and forget the window. His son couldn't fix the window but his Dad was big enough to fix it.

Jimmy was just 7 years old but he had the spunk of a 15 year old and the imagination of Mark Twain. He had dreams of being a big time baseball pitcher when he grew up so he did his best to perfect his pitches now hoping to get a head start on his goal. He would throw sticks, rocks, toys, heck, he would throw a car if he could pick it up. One day he was messing around with his dog throwing sticks for him to fetch when he threw a stick just a little too far and just a little too hard. Yep you guessed it, crash, boom, bang went the window in the front room of his house. The dog ran to the back of the house probably as a defensive maneuver. Jimmy's next door neighbor was the goodie two shoes church girl Debbie who watched everything that Jimmy did just so she could rat on him. Well just like every other day before this one, she was staring out her window taking inventory of every move that Jimmy made. Just as Jimmy ran to retrieve the stick that he had thrown he noticed her behind the curtain in her room which bordered directly towards Jimmy's house. A perfect perch for the persistent and tenacious little tattle tale. Now he was caught. Surely he wouldn't get out of this one alive. What to do, he wondered as he pretended he didn't notice Debbie's prying eyes. He crept in through the front door hoping that mom was taking one of her usual afternoon naps on the couch. Even if a tornado came and blew the whole front of the house away she would sleep right through it. Nothing woke that woman up. To his demise he found her kneeling near the broken window gathering the broken glass that had settled directly in front of her and the couch. Now at this point a person has some decisions to make; should he just walk by on the way to his room like he hadn't noticed the glass on the floor and the large gaping crack in the window above? Should he begin screaming that a mad man had just throw a rock through the window and his dog had chased him off? Maybe he could play ignorant and tell his mom that he hadn't heard the deafening crash that woke the world's deepest snoozer. Jimmy's mother had told him over an over at least fifty times a day to be careful around the house and stop throwing things near it but Jimmy just couldn't help himself. Before his mom could say anything he simply looked at her with big puppy eyes and said, "I'm sorry mom. I didn't mean to break anything. It just kind of happened. It was an accident." As any mom in the world knows, when your little boy breaks out the puppy eyes, moms, you don't stand a chance. His mom looked intently at him for awhile and then she donned her eyes of compassion and told him not to worry. She would explain everything to his dad and that he would not need to worry because his dad was a reasonable and logical man that loved him very much. Much more than a window.
    Now surely his dad was going to hear the awful news of the day. Even if his mom did not tell his dad that he did it surely Debbie the human hunting dog would. He usually tried his best to keep his distance from his dad when he got home from work because his dad worked very hard every day and was also exhausted when he got home. The last thing he needed was to deal with this now. He was going to be furious when he saw what Jimmy's carelessness had accomplished. Jimmy's mom suggested that Jimmy should just go to his room and take a nap until his father got home. He went into his room, climbed into bed and wished the world away with all of it 's trouble.
    Well the time came when dad arrived home and hardly made a sound when he came in the front door. Jimmy could hear the conversation between his mom and dad but he couldn't quite make out everything they were saying. Jimmy waited and waited and waited but his dad was not coming in to punish him. He didn't know what to think but then just as he was deciding whether he should show himself in the front room he heard a truck pull up in front of his house. Shortly afterwards he could hear two men talking but he was not sure what they were saying. Finally he fell asleep from boredom.
     After a couple of hours Jimmy woke up to a depression on the bed that almost rolled him onto the floor. As he opened his eyes he could see his dad staring down at him with a big smile on his face. His dad said, "Jimmy, why don't you come with me and we can get a big old ice cream cone? You know the kind that you like so well. I will get you the biggest one they have at the ice cream parlor and we can sit and talk about things. 


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