Written by: Bruce Shaulis
October 16, 2017

For this is the will of God, even your sanctification, that ye should abstain from fornication:
4 That every one of you should know how to POSSESS HIS VESSEL in sanctification and honour;

Paul chooses an interesting way to describe our body. He calls it a VESSEL. 
VESSEL= a hollow container, especially one used to hold liquid, such as a bowl or cask.

     That is exactly what our body is, A HOLLOW CONTAINER. If you have ever watched someone die you will have to admit that after the person has passed their body looks only like inanimate material. You can tell there is no more life in it. That is because the person has left their CONTAINER. The person is a spirit who controls that container as long as they dwell in it. But after they leave it, it can no longer function because the spirit IS THE LIFE OF THE BODY. JOHN 6:63

     That is exactly what the body of Jesus is, the CONTAINER of GOD. God is a Spirit. JOHN 4:24 He DWELLED in the body of Jesus. So Jesus is the CONTAINER of GOD HIMSELF. The Bible calls the body of Jesus, the TABERNACLE or DWELLING PLACE of God, (HEBREWS 9:11). The body is the Son of God because it was created WITHOUT hands in the body of a VIRGIN by the Holy Spirit who is God, JOHN 4:24, which also makes Him the Father of the VESSEL of JESUS. God put HIMSELF, all of the fullness of the Godhead, (COLOSSIANS 2:9), in this CONTAINER, the body of JESUS. We know that God CANNOT be contained. That is why Jesus said that the Father was GREATER than Him, (JOHN 14:28). That simply means that God exists EVERYWHERE, not just in the body of Jesus because God is a Spirit who is omnipresent.

     The spirit of a person is who that person REALLY is. The thoughts, emotions and feelings of the person originate in the spirit and are manifested by the flesh. That is also what God did in the body of Jesus, the Son of God.

     The Bible says in Hebrews and Colossians that Jesus is the IMAGE of God. Paul says in 1 Timothy that God was MANIFESTED in the FLESH. God who is a Spirit manifested His thoughts, emotions and feelings, that is; His WILL or WORD in a VESSEL of flesh called Jesus, who is the Son of God our Savior. That is how Jesus could tell Phillip that anyone who has seen Him has seen the Father because His Father is the Holy Spirit of God who dwells in the body of Jesus. He gave His vessel up to be killed as a sacrifice for our sins and then raised it back up in the Glory of the Father.

     Today that RESURRECTED VESSEL, that is, the body of Christ is sitting on the Throne in Heaven (REVELATION 21:5-7). God, who is the Holy Spirit and Father of Jesus, is still dwelling in that VESSEL OF FLESH we call the Son of God. The body of God is the LAMB OF GOD that was slain from the foundation of the world.

To wit, that GOD WAS IN CHRIST, reconciling the world unto himself,


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