JUDGE NOT......By Ron Smith


Yesterday I opened my mailbox here on FB to find a somewhat expected message of rebuke.
I was called "judgmental"..."angry"...all from someone I had not seen in person for over 20 years.
In our mailbox dialogue...she thoroughly evaluated my "love for others" through her view of my FB postings...assessing me as an "angry" man who is turning others away from Christ.
As I responded, she then angrily denounced my words as she said I could not make such determinations solely based on her FB page and postings!
EXACTLY!!! My point precisely!!!
So...today...let me make this clear:
I love people! I love the lost! I hate to see people deceived!
Just two nights ago, I was listening to David Wilkerson on my phone. As my wife heard a bit of his sermon, she asked about him.
I began to tell my wife about David Wilkerson. In so doing, I began to weep. I related to my wife the story of David Wilkerson and Nicky Cruz. I could hardly tell the story through my tears.
I then played a clip of David Wilkerson as he preached on ANGUISH.
Barb was not raised in church. Her background is far different from mine. But...as Barb heard the voice and sermon of David Wilkerson, she noted the emotion in his voice...and the concern which seemed so authentic.
In all of this...my wife...and those who know me apart from FB...know my heart. I weep often...over many things.
When I watch Schindler's List I can hardly maintain my composure!
I hate to see people hurt...to see people being treated so badly...to see the pain on the faces of those being persecuted...to see people struggle in so many various ways.
Whether at home or in public...I have been brought to tears as I witness things that tear at my heart. Barb always asks "Are you ok?!"...soon to realize this is just "one of those moments."
And...that is why I write...and that is why I post here on FB as I do.
The Bible tells us that in the last days the love of many will "wax cold"...
Little will "move" them...and the constant barrage of tragedy, violence, crime, terrorism and the like will NUMB the very conscience of the people.
This is indeed happening in society today.
But...it is also happening in the Church today...yet...most in the Church are in denial.
The "love" we now see within the Church is MOST OFTEN not love at all.
This "new love" says "Do not judge!"...when it is ACTUALLY shouting "Do not discern!"
This "new love" calls the Church to ACCEPT sin as it is:
False teacher
We are to LOVE everyone...as that is the call of Christ.
But...our DESIRE for those we LOVE must be to see them FREE from the BONDAGE of SIN that now ENSNARES them!
Many in the Church today "love" the sinner SO much that they NEVER mention to their friend the HOMOSEXUAL that he/she is headed for DESTRUCTION...and that an eternity in Hell awaits them if they REMAIN a HOMOSEXUAL.
In the same way...these "Christians" just "love" their LYING...their ADULTEROUS...their GREEDY...their GOSSIPPING...their MURDERING friends.
I went to Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee. As with any college experience...there were homosexuals there...there were liars there...there were thieves and false teachers and cheaters and greedy, lust-driven people there...although Lee is a "Christian institution."
And...everyone remained silent.
Today...some of those HOMOSEXUALS are now performing in music and theatre...some are in the business world...some are even cross-dressing performers in the big city!
Some are dead...a few even dying of AIDS.
I weep.
Each represented has one thing in common:
Unless they change...unless they find the grace of God through true faith in Christ, confessing their sin in repentance...they will all spend eternity in Hell.
I hate that thought.
Yet...those who are friends with so many of these never bother to speak the truth.
They just "love" them...as those steeped in sin slowly travel the path to destruction.
My point today?
Let me be clear:
Yes...I AM angry!
I am angry...every time a baby is aborted...every time a terrorist murders innocent people...every time a soldier dies in battle due to the senseless and evil desires of ruthless dictators...every time an "illegal" is granted AMNESTY, as breaking the law is REWARDED, and every LEGAL immigrant has his face slapped for following the LAW...every time RACISM raises its ugly head...every time CRIES of "Racism!" are nothing more than RACISM at its very worst...every time this Nation is LIED TO by its leaders...every time our Constitution is trampled on...every time the POOR are used as PAWNS by self-seeking politicians who never actually help CHANGE the PLIGHT of the poor...every time the TRUTH is called a LIE and every time a LIE is called TRUTH...every time a FALSE TEACHER is called a "man of God"...every time Jesus is called a "good man and a good prophet" yet they declare that He is NOT God...every time a WOLF in SHEEP'S CLOTHING fills the Church with gospels of GREED and COVETOUSNESS...every time GRACE is declared to be a LICENSE to SIN...
...and every time FALSE TEACHERS are WORSHIPPED by the Church, as those same CHEERLEADERS seek to SILENCE those who WARN the Church of the OBVIOUS heresy and apostasy in its midst.
Yes...I am angry that Satan is having a FIELD DAY in the Church because people will not STUDY the Word of God...choosing instead to OCCASIONALLY read the Bible to justify their claim of being a Christian.
Yes...I am angry that so many in the Church today wouldn't know TRUTH if it hit them in the face...as they are so ENAMORED by their favorite FALSE TEACHERS that they are BLINDED by the DELUSIONS of the FALSE "love" being declared by those well-disguised WOLVES.
Yes...I am angry...every time a sinner dies in their sin and the Church remains SILENT out of its so-called "love for the lost." !!!!
You want "your best life now?"
Guess what? You got it!
As for me...I want MY best life THEN...in ETERNITY!
For now...I will fight the LIES of FALSE TEACHERS tooth and nail...and I will NEVER give in...I will NEVER give up...I will NEVER give out!
I will FIGHT! I will CONTEND for the FAITH! I will stand...even if I stand alone...even if every friend I have ever known forsakes me or renounces me!
Lives are at stake...and ETERNITY weighs in the balance!
By all means...go back to posting your favorite recipes...your every daily action...your favorite quotes from your favorite false teacher.
Enjoy "your best life now."
Don't worry...God will not hold you accountable!
Or will He???


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