Many people ask the question, "If God is so good why does He allow so much evil in the world?
It is the same question I used to have and why I wouldn't entertain the thought of coming to Jesus. Let me start out by saying God has not completed His work for mankind. For God to have an intimate relationship with man, He must allow man to make his own decision to come to Him. That is the decision we all have to make. 

     In the beginning in Genesis God made Adam (Man) after He had made the world. God looked at all He had created and said, "It is VERY GOOD." He put Adam in the garden to tend it and keep it. At this point Adam had eternal life. God was concerned about Adam and saw that it wasn't good for him to be alone so God created Eve out of one of Adam's ribs to be his companion. He then told Adam and Eve that He had given them dominion or rule over everything on the earth and instructed them to exercise that rule and replenish the earth. They would have lived forever in paradise if it were not for the devil who took advantage of the free will that God had given them to choose to have a relationship with their creator. 
     The tree of the knowledge of good and evil which could be called the tree of the knowledge of right and wrong had to be put in the garden so that man could exercise his free will and choose to trust God. God warned Adam not to eat of this tree because if he did he would surely die. God would have preferred man to choose to obey Him and trust Him when He told Adam that if he ate the fruit from that tree he would die but Eve chose to listen to the lie of the devil that said that she could be wise like God knowing good from evil so she went ahead and ate and Adam went right along with her even though he knew that God had forbade it. From that point they had to be extracted from the garden. The bible says the reason was so that death would not last forever. Now man was estranged from God because of his disobedience and death and corruption came on them and their children.             
     That is the reason the world is in the shape it is in. Adam gave up the authority that God had given him over the earth and everything in it to Satan. Because God gave man the dominion (rule) over creation He must honor that assignment to man because God is a just God and He doesn't take our responsibilities away once they are given. The devil took mankind hostage by deceit and now man stood guilty so a payment had to be made to pay the price for man's disobedience. That penalty is death. 
     Now the devil controls the world by deceiving mankind and therefore wreaks havoc on it through men. That is why God became a man. He loved man so much that He chose to die in our place and take the punishment for our sins and destroy sin so that we can come back to Him in a new intimate relationship with Him as His children. 
     Jesus is God in the flesh. He walked perfectly before men and fulfilled all of the requirements of the law that we couldn't keep, because we aren't God, thereby proving that He is God and earned salvation in the flesh in the likeness of man. Then He allowed the devil to convince man to murder Him to experience death in our place even though He was without sin. The perfect sacrifice for us. Then after three days He resurrected from the dead forever in the form of a man as our representative and ascended back to Heaven to regain His place on the throne. 
     Now if we just believe this in our heart and confess it with our mouths (Romans 10:9-13) we will be saved from Hell that was created for the devil and his demons, not for man. Jesus paid for the sins of all mankind but He must wait until the last person comes to Him through faith in in His name before He can come back and restore all things to Himself. We have not made it to that point yet but the day is coming when Jesus will reign here on earth and He will make all things just and rid the world of the devil and the wicked. All it takes is trusting Him. Ask Him to come into your heart through His Holy Spirit and begin to read His Word the Bible and you will be born again. When He returns for His people at the rapture you will go with Him forever to live in paradise the way He intended in the first place.


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