The conversion of our previously 'Christian' nation to Islamic is almost complete. Anyone that can't see it, WON'T see it. We have the infidel tax colored as the ACA penalty (Muslims are exempt). We have half of our White House cabinet who are Muslim Brotherhood members. We have Islam constantly exalted and protected by our Dictator, uh I mean, President and the government media. We have the full assault on Christian principles, gay rights, gay marriage, legalized drugs, forced abortion, porn promoted as entertainment. etc, etc. Our kids are being taught Islam in the socialist public schools. Our military is forced to honor Muslim soldiers while forcing Chaplains out of their military career and calling of God while threatening court martial to those who share their Christian faith. Tons of our tax money is being sent to enemy Islamic nations, AKA Iran deal, Egypt, etc. Israel is constantly ostracized by our Islamic leaders. This man has definite, personal links to Islamic ideals, hosts Islamic celebrations in OUR White House while the Ten Commandments are being removed from our local governments. Etc., Etc, Etc. The White House constantly sides with anti-Christ and Muslim proponents against Christians. There used to be a church on every corner. Now there are mosques on almost every corner. It goes on and on and yet no one does anything about it.
      Children of God; the time is short. Our goal is not to change this world system. Our goal should be the great commission of our Lord Jesus Christ. Preach the Word in season and out of season. Preach the GOOD NEWS to EVERY creature so that some of them might be saved from HELL. There is a HELL and so many people today are being deceived because they don't know our Lord Jesus and love the things of the flesh more than God. Many are playing some Religious game they call Christianity but they don't even know the bible. Many are reading the wrong bibles. Bibles that look more like SHIFTING SAND than solid ROCK. Always changing. Friends, the Word of God NEVER changes. Read the 1611 King James Bible and then read any other King James Bible and you will have a hard time finding a difference. Many churches today are more concerned with tithes, book sales, congregation growth, attendance, promotions. Gospel music has been converted to Christian music meaning those who are singing it are Christian not that it is the gospel. The name of JESUS has been removed from most of our 'so called' CHRISTIAN MUSIC'. Sermons today sound more like philosophy than GOSPEL. THE BLOOD IS GONE, HELL IS GONE, HEAVEN IS GONE. All we hear today is about SUCCESS IN LIFE, RICHES AND FAVOR FROM GOD ON THOSE WHO TITHE AND GIVE OFFERINGS. This doctrine is not determined by Jesus and His Apostles but by committees that were appointed by MEN. God forgive these leaders who are leading so many into the ditch.
      Stand up TRUE Christian, TRUE worshiper of God. You who worship God in SPIRIT and in TRUTH. Stand up. NOW IS THE TIME oh man and woman of God. STAND UP and speak the truth. The time is short and many are perishing day by day. Don't be drawn into vain arguments and politics that create only strife. PREACH THE GOSPEL. GO FISHING OH PEOPLE OF GOD FOR THOSE GOD IS DRAWING INTO HIS KINGDOM. The Kingdom is at hand. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ. LOOK UP FOR THE TIME IS NEAR. YOUR REDEMPTION IS DRAWING NEAR. NOW IS THE TIME.


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